Cute as a Rainbow!

Cute as a Rainbow

Hey everyone (:
Here we are at the end of another week – and time for another tutorial!
I just got a whole lot of new Sasafrass papers on Saturday for a scrapbook page (Check it out on Flickr) so I thought I’d make a card with them, and the rainbow check design went perfectly with the little rainbow BAMPOP! stamp.
Unfortunatly, I had a little trouble finding the ‘h’ in the lettering, haha. Nevermind, ‘cute’ still looks okay.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you for everyones lovely comments on my piano playing video – they made my day! (:

Thats all for now – have a great week!
– Savannah xx


2 responses to “Cute as a Rainbow!

  1. Lovely card! SUPER cuteness!

  2. For such a young woman, you are very talented and creative. You are certainly on your way to becoming a great graphic artist!

    Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

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