Christmas Cards

Hi guys (:
This week marked the 1st of December! Yay! I thought I would like to do my Christmas cards in December after all, lol. I acctually got a new camera (Kodak Zx1) only I can’t edit with it either, because it’s still on MOD format. So I bought a converting software, but it took 5 hours to convert a 5 minute video, and to top it off, it stuffed up the sound.
So, looks like I’m back with my old camera – again.
Hopefuly I’ll do I tutorial everyday this week, if I get time (;

Thanks for watching everyone!
– Savannah xx


4 responses to “Christmas Cards

  1. Thanks for taking the time to do your vids..very nice!

  2. Love the cards. Especially the gingerbread man one – where did you get this stamp he is super cute!! Happy Holidays – Look forward to new inspiration next year xx

  3. Hey Savannah! remember I told you I have a JVC evario too? And It films in MOD format too?Anyway, check out my videos and if you like the way they look and sound, then I can help you with your JVC evario!Email me and I shall get back to you with all the info.
    PS: Having said that, since a week now, I noticed that my MOD file , when uploaded on windows movie maker….it plays just fine.The only change I did was to uninstall my movie maker and install it again for new updates. Maybe , windows movie maker works with MOD files now? But, Trust me, it works just fine. And at times, i have also just make a copy of my video(you always, always should make a copy in case you muddle up your video) and then I renamed the copy to MPG, and I could edit this in windows movie maker as well.So many options available.I will like to help.
    Take care,

  4. i love this card its superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cute i love it you know what you are really talented

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