Christmas Inspiration

Hi Everyone (:
It’s the end of another great year – acctually, an AMAZING year. 2009 has been the start of so many challenges for me, and for many of them, I have had great out-comes.
One of them, has been my YouTube channel. I never thought I would get so many followers. I started the year with a meer 17 subscribers – now I’m up to 374!
Acctually – I crave for more, but there’s always next year for that (: YouTube becomes adictive sometimes haha!
So, finally to everyone who has spent time – either by watching my videos, looking at my blog or my tweets -I want to say a HUGE thank you. Without you guys I would have given up making my videos. It brightens my day to wake up and check my YouTube inbox – to see that it’s full of comments and messages you guys post to me.

And last – the pics below are just some further Christmas inspiration – a few are tutorials I didn’t acctually get to post in the end.

All the best for the new year – and have an awesome Christmas
– Savannah x.


One response to “Christmas Inspiration

  1. amaizing lot of cards. your talent astounds me!

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